Pneumatic Conveying Systems:

The word “pneumatic” well defines the nature of such conveying systems which benefits from a conveying media such as air or nitrogen to gently convey the materials through desired horizontal and vertical pipe routes. Pneumatic transport of bulk materials, quickly, gently, and with minimal energy expenditure – a job for True professionals. The pneumatic conveyor systems use differential air pressure to efficiently move materials from one point to the other. Since air flows from high to low pressure, its application at one end of the pipe will move bulk materials to the other end.

Pneumatic systems are classified as negative pressure system which uses a vacuum to pull materials or positive pressure devices that use compressors to push bulk materials.

Merits of Pneumatic Conveying Systems:

  • Ability to behave the product very gently
  • Having control on optimum level of fines and dust
  • Ability to operate both in open/closed loop systems
  • Considerable control on
  • Less maintenance and tuning times compared to mechanical material handling
  • Less mechanical parts in comparison

What are the role elements on Pneumatic Conveying Systems?

  • Product characteristics
    (density, shape, size, permeability, degradation resistance, etc.)
  • Operating Conditions
    (Temperature, Altitude, etc.)
  • Production Capacity
  • Plot plan characteristics
    (Horizontal and Vertical distances, space limitations, etc.)
  • And much more

Different Pneumatic Conveying Phases:

  • Dilute Phase Conveying
    which benefits from wide range reliable operation bounds within low pressure and relatively high conveying speeds.
  • Dense Phase Conveying
    which focuses on gentle material conveying scheme but is very sensitive within its operating range with high pressure values and low conveying speeds.
  • Strand Phase Conveying
    which operates in a stable conveying phase between the Dilute and Dense phases, with lower conveying speeds compared to dilute phase.

Why RAPCO is suited for your pneumatic material handling needs?

Each of above conveying phases will be tailored in engineering phase and specifically designed, simulated and executed for your plant relying on our experience, technology and expertise. Benefitting from our pilot test bench and simulation system, we are able to reach the most optimum level of operation for your system using realistic operating conditions with your identical product as the conveying sample. We are also available for you if you require technical consultant and engineering services for your pneumatic conveying packages.

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