Chemicals and Petrochemicals:

We can give various solutions for complete lines for packaging difficult flowing, even toxic, powder and granular products into bags, boxes, drums and big-bags.
Furthermore, our lines conceived to respect all the norms and regulations on powder and sound emissions, which result to be substantially below the limitations fixed by the Competent Authorities.
Our technology to remove the air from the powders (deaeration) allows to increase by double the quantity of product within the package.

Food and Pharma:

We can provide complete lines and customized bagging and boxing and cardboard packaging system for many types of products.
We are able to supply different “specific” solutions for example, Nitrogen injection into the bag & Bag sealing without any micro-perforation.

Cement Industry:

We can provide lines and customized bagging system for many types of products, such as: cement, premixed, sand, gravel, quartz granulate, clay for ceramic, putty lime, mortar, expanded clay, marble granules, bitumen, red clay, etc.

Ceramics and Tiles Industries:

Stacking pattern, heavy load or fragile products, no matter what: stability is what your load needs.
We will find the best packing technology to keep your load safe and stable with shrink or stretch hood technology.

White Goods:

For Household and industrial appliances, Shrink or stretch hooding packaging systems will give a great look to the products. The film stays tight around the load resulting wrinkle free, adding an extra precision in the overall image of the appliance device.
The hooding film are fully customizable as in colors and graphics to improve product and company branding.
RAPCO provides hooding machines that secure safely the household appliance, packing as fast as 280 units per hour. The packaging process can be integrated with the lamination device: a dedicated Teflon plate that gently heats up the plastic hood under the load allowing it to stick to the protective EPS on the sides of your goods.