All the time, we at RAPCO remind ourselves that success in any field such as executive projects doesn’t happen overnight, it takes time, commitment, and focus to get to the top.
We are proud to announce that the kick of meeting of a new bagging systems project has been successfully accomplished by RAPCO.
By owner and EPC contractor’s valuable companionship and relying on our strong engineering team, the bright future of this project is ahead of us.
EPC of 2 complete set of bagging machines each one 2000 Bags/Hr capacity, integrated with 2 palletizers and 2 stretch hooding machines for Gachsaran High-Density Polyethylene Plant with the capacity of 300 KT/A
Gachsaran Polymer Industries Company (GPIC)
EPC Contractor: OIEC Group
Vendor: BL Bagline & RAPCO

Regarding to the RAPCO Social and National duty, in cooperation with BL Bagline , more than 1,500,000 tone petrochemical products packed in 8 major petrochemical companies like Jam Petrochemical Complex , Marun Petrochemical Complex , Amir Kabir Petrochemical Co. , Ghadir Petrochemical Co. , Jam Polypropylene Co.  Khuzestan Petrochemical Co.  Navid Zar Chimi Co. , Miandoab Petrochemical Co. through the 26 bagging lines in one year, 1399 (2020- 2021)

With aim to have better access to one of our main core business regions, we proudly announce that we have launched RAPCO local office in Mahshahr.
With the new Mahshahr office:
+ We can better reach our close communication with more than dozen of petrochemical clients in the Bandar Imam Petrochemical region.
+ We utilize the local experts and professionals in Khuzestan province and supported our sustainable employment development policies.
+ We can have B2B meetings and site visits with the local technicians and experts and the urge of having travels during the pandemic is extremely decreased.
Do not hesitate to contact us

From now RAPCO is consider as a knowledge enterprise Company in pneumatic conveying systems designing in Iran by the Science and Technology President Assistance. This is a new great achievement by our hardworking and expert Colleagues in RAPCO Family.

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Education is one of the most fundamental human being rights and it is the very first step of not getting the knowledge but gaining the skills. However, unfortunately, deprivation in some villages of our country is still inevitable. BUT, WHEREVER THE HOPE IS, THE LIGHT SHIMMERS.
RAPCO is honored to announce his commitment towards the social responsibility to stand against this pitfall and start a new way to donate a brilliant future to our country’s children who are our real wealth.
RAPCO is standing at the beginning of a rough way but we won’t get disappointed because the whole way is bright.
The first school construction in Ladiz one of the Sistan and Balochestan state’s village is started.


RAPCO celebrate Natinal engineer’s day in 5th of Esfand in Persian calendar every year  to commemorate our Engineering team’s effort and achievements in the Nasir al-Din al-Tusi birthday anniversary.

We understand that Science is about knowing but engineering is about doing.

Shab-e-Yalda (Yalda Night) also known as Shab-e Chelleh is one of the most ancient Persian festivals annually celebrated on December 21 by Iranians all around the world. Yalda is the last night of autumn and the longest night of the year. Iranians celebrate the last night of autumn as the renewal of the sun and the victory of light over darkness. In ancient Iran, once lived a goddess named Mithra. She was the goddess of light and brought warmth to lives. Yalda night celebration is believed to be a dedication to her, who brings light back into the people’s lives. On Shab-e-Yalda, people gather in groups of friends or relatives usually at the home of grandparents or the elderly to pass the longest night of the year happily by eating nuts and fruits, reading Hafiz poems, making good wishes, and talking and laughing all together to give a warm welcome to winter, and a felicitous farewell to autumn.

Three years ago, a talented young man with a bachelor’s degree in mechanics came from a prestigious university and became a partner in the RAPCO family. Ramin was constantly seeking progress and did not stop trying. He also worked until today he was paid for his efforts and earned his master’s degree with a master’s degree from Shiraz University. Ramin is now a successful engineer and we are all proud of him . We are pleased that RAPCO can have partners at such a scientific and ethical level.
Dear Ramin, we are proud of you.

Rapco in social responsibilities is sponsor of women squash team.

The third place in the country in squash competition With Rapco women team is the new honorary for our company.

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