RAPCO Pneumatic Conveying System (PCS) Pilot Plant

RAPCO proudly presents R & D facility The PCS loop pilot plant in middle east in his own R & D facility.
RAPCO Technology Center located in Shiraz, Iran.
This Test loop provides flexible setup for different conveying phases.
Dense/Dilute conveying phases can be achieved by separated high pressure compressors or lobe roots blowers, different pipe sizes and air control unit.
Test loop system is capable of handling Different conveying capacities with various different pipe sizes which gives the potential to scale up to industrial scale pneumatic conveying systems.
Automate in-house built unit control panel with fully customized HMI enables us to detect pressure. Temperature and flow rate variation at critical points and store the data experimental correction factors in industrial PCS system design.
This test loop also enables RAPCO to move towards experimenting powder/ pellet products in other industrial segments as well as studying new products based on new/modified licenses.