ALBERTINA is a renowned producer of filling, labelling and capping machines. Our machinery finds its use in food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.
Range of the machines that Albertina produces is very wide, both in term of capacity and in term of package sizes.
ALBERTINA is a reliable partner not only in production, but also in consultancy,
service and certification, including certification of lines for an environment with
explosion hazard. We also provide installment and operational qualifications in
pharmaceutical industry.

Filling of honey
Filling and capping of cups
Filling of bulk products
Filling of solvents, thinners and colors (EX)
Filling and capping of pouches
Filling of pharmaceutical products
Filling of cosmetic products
Filling of detergents chemicals and acids
Filling of ketchup, mustard and mayonnaise
Filling of edible oil
Filling and sealing of tubes
Filling and closing of buckets
Filling of motor oil and lubricants
Filling and capping of big canisters
Filling of barrels and IBC containers