Contract for Design and Engineering of Pneumatic Conveying System for Powder and Pellet HDPE product, Plant Production Capacity: 600 KTA, for Rayan Polymer Pouya Company (Bakhtar Petrochemical Holding)

The current PCS is divided into 2 different pneumatic conveying systems:

  1. Design and Engineering of PE powder product via Closed-Loop Nitrogen Conveying system from No. 2 Drying Units to No. 2 Extrusion Lines
  2. Design and Engineering of HDPE pellets via Open-Loop Air Conveying system separated into four (4) main systems:
    1. Pellet Conveying system from extruder hoppers to blending silos
    2. Conveying System for pellet homogenization
    3. Re-pellet conveying system from re-pellet silo to extrusion building
    4. Pellet conveying system from blending silos to bagging silos in packaging area