Corona Virus may stay with us for a long time, but it won’t stop us to be proactive and support our valuable customers for after sales services.
For the first time, the project of updating the rotation system for packaging lines Palletizers of Navid Zar petrochemical company without the physical presence of vendor supervisors from Bagline company. the Task executed by Local Bagging specialists from RAPCO and Navid Zarchimi Company under online supervision of Bagline. fortunately, the mission accomplished successfully and it made a significant improvement in Pallet shape quality.
We appreciate trust and close cooperation of Navid Zarchimi technical team and managers , specially Dr.Sadeghvandi and Mr.Foladi.
Special thanks to Meharn Abbasi , Ali Mirjamali (RAPCO) and Luca Molina and Cristian Coduri(BAGLINE) and Mr.Mohamadi ,Mr.Soleimani,Ms.Ashrafi,Mr.Abbasian(NZC) for their great job.