Procurment Department:

Most major companies have a purchasing or procurement department as part of everyday operations. These departments provide a service that is the backbone of many manufacturing, petrochemical and any industrial organizations.
To understand better what the role of RAPCO’s purchasing department is, consider some functions it performs.
Roles of a Purchasing Department
Purchasing is responsible for the procurement process. This means it ensures the supply of goods, production materials and equipment so that a smooth production and sales process can take place. For this, goods must be procured at the right time, in the right quantity, and as the right requirement.
our Relationship Between Purchasing and Supply and Other Business Functions

Rapco’s purchasing and supply department keeps other departments like packaging department, pneumatic conveying systems department and environmental department supplied with everything from stock to manufacturing materials. Our Purchasing staff build relationships and coordinate schedules with external partners in Europe, China and Iran especially the businesses who supply the essential parts and supplies.
purchasing must also sync activities with internal business functions to understand what other departments need, when they need it and how and when the customer can pay for it. Successful internal purchasing relationships depend on clear communication between purchasing staff and related customer, who rely on the items they purchase. Meanwhile RAPCO is proud of working with more than 80% of petrochemical company since 2010.
Procuring Materials and Other Resources
For our partner company, this might include raw materials, tubes and fitting, regulators, valves, pumps, blower, vessels, instruments, rotary feeders and … from any brand required in Europe or …  it also might include tools, machinery, or even Dairy, pharma, cement, ceramic supplies needed for the related industries.